Leveraging Analytics to Combat Digital Fraud in Financial Organizations

L’ International Institute for Analytics approfondisce l’uso degli Analytics. Digitization creates major opportunities for financial services – automating operations, expanding channels, delivering engaging customer experiences. There are corresponding challenges – unprecedented data sources and transaction volumes, channel control in electronic commerce, and preventing fraud when the fraudsters are technologically adept. To discuss the opportunities, challenges,… [Continua a leggere » ]

Dalla Business Intelligence ai Big Data (APB – BIOS – BOARD)

Mc Kinsey & Company pubblica un articolo “Analytics in banking: Time to realize the value”

Analytics in banking: Time to realize the value Tre esempi portano a considerare l’enorme potenziale degli analytics nell’attività bancaria: Consider three recent examples of the power of analytics in banking: 1. To counter a shrinking customer base, a European bank tried a number of retention techniques focusing on inactive customers, but without significant results. Then… [Continua a leggere » ]