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Top financial services issues of 2017 – Thriving in uncertain times | pwc

16 Gen, 2017 | Regolamentazione e norme

Nel Dicembre 2016 il Financial Services Institute ha pubblicato l’annuale rapporto sui temi che avranno particolare rilievo nel 2017.
Cosa possiamo fare per affrontarli con successo ?

I temi principali saranno:

1. Artificial intelligence now drives the way leading firms provide everything from customer service to investment advice.

2. Blockchain, with its ability to store information data on distributed ledgers without a central clearinghouse, could upend a variety of businesses.

3. For decades, American firms looked to the United Kingdom as the gateway to Europe, but Brexit could change this.

4. Financial institutions face competition from nontraditional market players with skills, funding, and attitude.

5. In a prolonged low interest rate environment, many now look at cost containment as one of the keys to survival.

6. Everything depends on robust cybersecurity to hold off threats that are coming from multiple directions.

7. The regulatory environment next year will likely be impacted from new appointments to the federal agencies and some targeted Dodd-Frank rollback by Congress, among other things.

8. And as the industry grapples with risk management culture, ethics, and trust, it often finds itself playing defense.

9. Digital labor, or robotic process automation, is helping firms automate things they couldn’t do before, without having to hire an army of developers.

10. Finally, we see firms in a search for new revenue opportunities, either organically, or through acquisitions. Staying the same means falling behind.

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